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Squidoo Marketing Strategies - Discover the little known secrets of generating free website traffic with Squidoo.

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Dear Friend,

You would know by now that the best designed website in the world will not give you an income without traffic.  Traffic is the lifeblood of internet marketing.

Many internet marketers spend years researching SEO and tweaking their websites in the hope of ending up on the first page of Goolge.

Squidoo, a new Web 2.0 technology, gives you an express route to the first page of Google results.  

The key is to create your Squidoo lens (website) in the right way from the start.

You need a plan of action with a simple step by step approach.

That is why I have created this Squidoo Marketing Strategies e-Book - to provide you with a plan of attack and save you time and money.

Why should you listen to me


I have two Squidoo lenses on the first page of Google and one lens is Number 1 for its keyword (out of 1,000,000 search results).

One Squidoo lens even displaced this sales page from the number one position.

Why have a plan?

You will get the best traffic results from Squidoo if you adopt a planned approach.  Squidoo Marketing Strategies gives you that planned approach.

You will know where to start, how to make the right choices and how to avoid the mistakes that most people make with Squidoo.

You will learn how to update your lens, how frequently to do this and how to maximise your Squidoo lens to attract ever-increasing traffic.

Why I created it

That is why I created the Squidoo Marketing Strategies e-Book. To help people build their Squidoo lens in a way that will maximise traffic and profit.

I wished I had such a guide when I started to devleop my four Squidoo lenses - it would have saved me so much time and money.  So, I set about writing an easy-to-follow guide that others could use to quickly get their Squidoo lenses on the first page of Google.

You'll very soon discover -

Why Squidoo is such a revolutionary marketing tool.
What 3 mistakes to avoid in setting up your Squidoo lens.
Multiple strategies to bring targeted traffic to your Squidoo lens and website/blog.
Different ways to change your Squidoo lens to encourage return visits and sales.
How to use Squidoo to attract buyers for your affiliate products and services.
3 things you must do to make your Squidoo lens into a spider's web.
How to promote any product, program, hobby, charity or even your favourite association.
An easy step by step plan to link your website and your blog to your Squidoo lens.
How to leverage your blog posts and your articles to achieve more exposure with less effort.
How to use the point-and-click/ cut-and-paste technology of Squidoo to best effect.

How to create an opt-in form for your Squidoo lens to boost your list and your income.


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My weekly emails will add value to your purchase, because you will receive up-to-date and advanced strategies weekly that build on the information provided in the Squidoo Marketing Strategies e-Book.  

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Ron Passfield

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